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My Ramblings on Highpower Shooting

and various things that have helped me to shoot better scores.


Each time I shoot a match I try to write down my experiences, good and bad, on this web site. This has helped me to analyze my performance and many shooters have told me that they like reading about them. For me, each entry has the potential to contain information that will help me to shoot better. The challenge is to extract that information and apply it. As the number of entries increases, my chances of pulling out the useful information decreases. In addition, it becomes more difficult for readers to find information that might help them to shoot better.

To remedy this I have started this page to provide an area where I can assemble thoughts on particular topics in an easy to read format. This will allow me to focus on specific aspects of my shooting while others can have an easier time seeing if any of my efforts can be applied to them.

I have to say that I think there are very few things about Highpower that have to be done in a particular way. Sure, there are basic things like safety and aligning the sights properly but once you get beyond that, each shooter will have his or her own way of doing things. These individual variations may not be right for everyone but they are right for that particular shooter.

Shooters will get into different positions, use different gear, have different shooting cadence and still shoot similar scores to each other. This is all part of the individual nature of our sport. One piece of advice I give to shooters is to find the style of shooting that best meets their goals. Don't just copy other shooters because their style may or may not work for you.

What follows here are my thoughts on various aspects of Highpower that have worked for me. They also may allow some shooters to perform better while other shooters may find no benefit. The purpose of this page is not to tell you what you should do. The purpose is to show just one shooter's views on what helped him. If you apply any of this to your shooting and it helps you, so much the better. If you try it with nothing gained then you know what path won't work for you.

As I document things that have helped me shoot better I'll add them. This list is in no particular order of importance. Just random topics.

Read the following with an open mind.


  1. Philosophy

  2. Slow Prone

  3. Load Development

  4. Data Books

  5. Barrels

  6. Zeros

  7. Sitting