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The 2022 Season

The Scores

Date Location Standing Sitting Rapid
April 23 Milan 190-5 200-11 197-5 190-5 777-26 97.1%
May 1 Bonfield 193-5 159-6 200-9 198-11 750-31 93.8%
May 7 Bonfield 192-4 199-10 200-12 198-9 789-35 98.6%
May 15 Bonfield 195-4 200-14 200-13 198-14 793-45 99.1%
May 28 Milan 193-4 199-6 197-6 187-7 776-23 97.0%
May 29 Milan 194-5 199-12 200-10 196-8 789-35 98.6%
June 12 Bonfield 195-4 199-9 190-6 198-9 782-28 97.8%
June 18 Racine 191-4 199-10 198-8 193-5 781-27 97.6%
June 25 Milan 193-4 200-9 200-11 195-8 788-32 98.5%
June 26 Milan 94-4 100-6 97-1 197-8 488-19 97.6%
July 2 Wyoming 195-4 200-7 199-8 198-8 792-27 99.0%
July 3 Bonfield 198-9 200-8 198-10 199-7 795-34 99.4%
July 11 Camp Atterbury 95-3 100-5 100-6 196-6 491-20 98.2%
July 13 Camp Atterbury 195-5 200-14 200-6 195-8 790-33 98.8%
July 14 Camp Atterbury 194-6 199-12 197-10 199-9 789-37 98.6%
July 15 Camp Atterbury 193-7 199-7 199-4 197-10 788-28 98.5%
August 1 Camp Perry 93-3 - 90-0 89-2 272-5 90.7%
August 2 Camp Perry 98-1 99-6 99-4 197-6 493-17 98.6%
August 3 Camp Perry 92-1 - 100-5 95-2 287-8 95.7%
August 4 Camp Perry 99-3 100-6 100-6 194-12 493-27 98.6%
September 3 Milan 191-3 200-9 197-7 200-11 788-30 98.5%
September 4 Milan 193-2 199-10 199-12 198-9 789-33 98.6%
September 17 Bonfield 195-7 199-3 198-11 198-11 790-32 98.8%
September 18 Bonfield 197-5 200-13 200-13 197-5 794-36 99.3%
October 1 Milan 195-4 200-7 199-9 162-1 756-21 94.5%

The start of this year's highpower season took me by surprise. I had been doing lots of other things around my house that I had to scramble a bit to get ready for the first match.


The first match of the year is always a time to start shaking off the rust from a long winter. I even drove out the day before to try to get on paper with my re-barreled upper. After some very chilly weather all week, the forecast called for warm temperatures but lots of wind.  We were not disappointed.

Standing: 190-5
Sitting: 200-11
Rapid Prone: 197-5
Slow Prone: 190-5
Aggregate: 777-26


The calendar says May but the weather says March. We had a blanket of overcast and cold conditions. At least cold for a highpower match. The thermometer never got out of the 50's and it was just a dark, gloomy day that made it hard to enjoy. But my goal was to give my White Oak service rifle scope a try. I think the reticle might have some advantages so I wanted to judge whether I should commit to this scope for the season.

Standing: 193-5
Sitting: 159-6
Rapid Prone: 200-9
Slow Prone: 198-11
Aggregate: 750-31


The weather finally turned our way today. Although still chilly when I arrived at the range, the sun was out all day and it warmed up quickly.

Standing: 192-4
Sitting: 199-10
Rapid Prone: 200-12
Slow Prone: 198-9
Aggregate: 789-35


As each week goes by, the shooting weather gets better. Today was sunny and warm with not much wind. It was one of those days where I just worked through the day without much worry or anxiety.

Standing: 195-4
Sitting: 200-14
Rapid Prone: 200-13
Slow Prone: 198-14
Aggregate: 793-45


We had some breeze with us all day today. It would gust up to about 13 m.p.h. but mostly stayed in the single digits. The sunshine felt nice after several days of rain.

Standing: 193-4
Sitting: 199-6
Rapid Prone: 197-6
Slow Prone: 187-7
Aggregate: 776-23

More wind today but nice and warm. I was a little tired today so it was just a matter of coasting through the day without expending too much energy.

Standing: 194-5
Sitting: 199-12
Rapid Prone: 200-10
Slow Prone: 196-8
Aggregate: 789-35

A warm day with thunderstorms moving into the area and making rumbles in the distance. The humidity was in the air and the whole day felt like I was working really hard for just a mediocre result.

Standing: 195-4
Sitting: 199-9
Rapid Prone: 190-6
Slow Prone: 198-9
Aggregate: 782-28


The morning was cool as I went to a match at a range that I have not visited in six years.

Standing: 191-4
Sitting: 199-10
Rapid Prone: 198-8
Slow Prone: 193-5
Aggregate: 781-27


The rain kept a lot of people away for our state highpower championship. There was a delay before we could start and it looked like there was more thunderstorms coming in later in the afternoon. The time in between was overcast and windy.

Standing: 193-4
Sitting: 200-9
Rapid Prone: 200-11
Slow Prone: 195-8
Aggregate: 788-32

A much better forecast for today. It was clear, bright, and sunny. It was intended as a Leg match but we didn't have 6 non-distinguished shooters so it was just a 50-shot match with no sighters where I stood for the rapids.

Standing: 94-4
Sitting: 100-6
Rapid Prone: 97-1
Slow Prone: 197-8
Aggregate: 488-19


In an effort to just keep shooting, I drove 2 1/2 hours to a match at a 200 yard range that I go to about once a year. It was warm with very little breeze. But everyone was pretty laid back and it made for a relaxing day.

Standing: 195-4
Sitting: 200-7
Rapid Prone: 199-8
Slow Prone: 198-8
Aggregate: 792-27

My last match before the National Championship. It was a warm one.

Standing: 198-9
Sitting: 200-8
Rapid Prone: 198-10
Slow Prone: 199-7
Aggregate: 795-34

The Nationals start off with a 4-man team match. It was a great day for it with clear, blue skies and warm temperatures.

Standing: 95-3
Sitting: 100-5
Rapid Prone: 100-6
Slow Prone: 196-6
Aggregate: 491-20

It was a warm, sunny day with a high of around 90 to start off the championship.

Standing: 193-4
Sitting: 200-14
Rapid Prone: 200-6

The sunny weather shows no sign of let-up.

Standing: 194-6
Sitting: 199-12
Slow Prone: 195-8

Yet another sunny day. Because of a protest from the first day of the championship, the first standing match has been thrown out and we will re-fire it this morning in addition to the matches we would normally shoot.

Standing: 195-5
Sitting: 199-7
Rapid Prone: 197-10
Slow Prone: 199-9

A little cooler and cloudy today but still good weather to shoot with the sun peeking out occasionally.

Standing: 193-7
Rapid Prone: 199-4
Slow Prone: 197-10
Championship Aggregate: 2367-98

The day of the President's was a blustery one. There were some storms forecast for the afternoon and the clouds rolled in during the match but wind was with us all day.

Standing: 93-3
Rapid Prone: 90-0
Slow Prone: 89-2
Aggregate: 272-5

Great weather all day. Not too hot, sunny skies, and a wind that was in our faces for most of the day.

Standing: 98-1
Sitting: 99-6
Rapid Prone: 99-4
Slow Prone: 197-6
Aggregate: 493-17

The 2-man doubles match didn't start until 1PM. This gave the day a strange vibe as everything seemed different since I spent most of the morning sitting around.

Standing: 92-1
Rapid Prone: 100-5
Slow Prone: 95-2
Aggregate: 287-8

Each year the focus is on the 6-man team match. This year several organizational difficulties gave me more stress than normal. Additionally, there was rain in the forecast so I wasn’t sure how pleasant the day was going to be.

Standing: 99-3
Sitting: 100-6
Rapid Prone: 100-6
Slow Prone: 194-12
Aggregate: 493-27

I felt very disconnected from my shooting today, despite this being our state service rifle championship. Usually I do pretty well when this happens but today I just wasn't focused enough to shoot a good score.

Standing: 191-3
Sitting: 200-9
Rapid Prone: 197-7
Slow Prone: 200-11
Aggregate: 788-30

My shooting glasses prescription was made when I was shooting iron sights. I assumed the same would be good for optics. But I was told that a distance correction is better. So today I wanted to experiment by shooting with the glasses I wear to see distance.

Standing: 193-2
Sitting: 199-10
Rapid Prone: 199-12
Slow Prone: 198-9
Aggregate: 789-33

I tried to improve my setup with my street glasses to keep playing with that distance prescription. Unfortunately the position of the lens, and keeping the frames stationary, was not optimal. The glasses kept sliding down my nose and I was looking through the top of the frame. In general I spent more concentration on getting my glasses into position than with lining up the shots.

Standing: 195-7
Sitting: 199-3
Rapid Prone: 198-11
Slow Prone: 198-11
Aggregate: 790-32

Since my glasses were sliding around so much yesterday, I felt that it was time to end that experiment until I get a distance prescription in my dedicated shooting frames.

Standing: 197-5
Sitting: 200-13
Rapid Prone: 200-13
Slow Prone: 197-5
Aggregate: 794-36

Normally I shoot re-barreled uppers at the start of each season, but I wanted to get a little ahead of the game for 2023. So I moved my scope over to the upper that I plan on shooting next year and went to the last match of the season to get some zeros. I showed up at the range a little early, bore-sighted the scope, and then shot the match.

Standing: 195-4
Sitting: 200-7
Rapid Prone: 199-9
Slow Prone: 162-1
Aggregate: 756-21

An Update for the Future

After more than 20 years of posting my scores and experiences in highpower matches on this web site, I feel it's time to step back a bit. The effort required to remember and write down the details of each stage of each match is probably more than many people realize. After a day of shooting, instead of winding down, I have to force myself into the process of having to describe the details of what I exprienced in each stage of the match.

Therefore, to make my highpower life a little easier, I have decided that 2022 was the final year for the stories behind the matches. The scores from my matches will still continue to be posted here, and anyone is free to e-mail me if they want more detail behind them, but the detailed narratives will no longer be included.