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The 2021 Season

The Scores

Date Location Standing Sitting Rapid
April 24 Milan 190-1 199-10 198-9 198-9 785-29 98.1%
May 2 Bonfield 196-4 200-13 200-9 199-12 795-38 99.4%
May 8 Bonfield 195-3 200-11 200-11 200-11 795-36 99.4%
May 29 Milan 197-5 200-9 198-6 192-9 787-29 98.4%
May 30 Milan 196-5 200-13 192-3 195-2 783-23 97.9%
June 12 Bonfield 197-6 200-9 195-7 199-10 791-32 98.9%
June 26 Milan 196-10 200-5 197-5 197-10 790-30 98.8%
June 27 Milan 94-2 100-4 99-3 199-10 492-19 98.4%
July 4 Bonfield 196-7 200-11 199-14 200-13 795-45 99.4%
July 17 Wyoming 193-6 197-11 197-6 198-7 785-30 98.1%
July 27 Bonfield 198-8 199-11 198-4 200-10 795-33 99.4%
August 2 Camp Perry 97-3 - 89-0 86-3 272-6 90.7%
August 3 Camp Perry 96-2 100-7 100-3 190-4 486-16 97.2%
August 4 Camp Perry 97-4 - 98-5 94-2 289-11 96.3%
August 5 Camp Perry 97-4 99-7 100-5 195-8 491-24 98.2%
August 23 Camp Atterbury 98-5 100-7 100-5 196-9 494-26 98.8%
August 24 Camp Atterbury 98-5 100-3 98-5 195-8 491-21 98.2%
August 26 Camp Atterbury 195-4 200-7 196-5 200-16 791-32 98.9%
August 27 Camp Atterbury 194-4 200-14 196-9 199-12 789-39 98.6%
August 28 Camp Atterbury 196-5 199-10 200-11 197-10 792-36 99.0%
September 4 Milan 193-6 200-13 199-9 197-7 789-35 98.6%
September 5 Milan 196-5 200-9 200-12 196-5 792-31 99.0%
September 18 Bonfield 197-7 200-8 197-7 198-14 792-36 99.0%
September 19 Bonfield 196-8 200-9 198-7 198-8 792-32 99.0%
October 2 Milan 199-8 200-7 200-10 189-1 788-26 98.5%

I put my rifle away last October and didn't take it out again until mid-April. I put on a new sling but didn't do any dry-firing or any other preparation. That's not the best way to start the season but my low motivation level created this reality.


It was a decent day to shoot, weather-wise. At the start I was more concerned with how rusty my shooting skills were. But as I got started it was my equipment that gave me more worry.

Standing: 190-1
Sitting: 199-10
Rapid Prone: 198-9
Slow Prone: 198-9
Aggregate: 785-29


Really nice weather today with mild temperatures. It started out sunny but got a little more overcast as the day went on. After last week's overpressure problems I scrubbed my barrel and hoped that today would not have any equipment worries.

Standing: 196-4
Sitting: 200-13
Rapid Prone: 200-9
Slow Prone: 199-12
Aggregate: 795-38


I just received my re-barreled upper and last night I transferred my scope over to it. That means that I now have to get zeros and today is the day I start doing that. The morning was quite cool and in the mid-40's but it warmed up nicely with calm conditions.

Standing: 195-3
Sitting: 200-11
Rapid Prone: 200-11
Slow Prone: 200-11
Aggregate: 795-36


The weather was so nice today. The high was in the mid-60's and there was nothing but blue skies overhead. It was a bit of a frustrating day today as my performance did not match my expectations.

Standing: 197-5
Sitting: 200-9
Rapid Prone: 198-6
Slow Prone: 192-9
Aggregate: 787-29

The weather was just as nice today as it was yesterday. Just a little bit warmer but still clear skies and low humidity.

Standing: 196-5
Sitting: 200-13
Rapid Prone: 192-3
Slow Prone: 195-2
Aggregate: 783-23


The temperatures soared today into the mid-90's. This, coupled with high humidity, made the air oppressive and a hard day to get through.

Standing: 197-6
Sitting: 200-9
Rapid Prone: 195-7
Slow Prone: 199-10
Aggregate: 791-32


The forecast for this entire weekend didn't look promising. It had been raining at home for the last couple of days and more rain was expected at the range. As it turned out, there were several phases of drizzle during the day which caused us to put on rain jackets. But as long as the pasters and target centers stayed dry, all was fine.

Standing: 196-10
Sitting: 200-5
Rapid Prone: 197-5
Slow Prone: 197-10
Aggregate: 790-30

After we dodged major rain yesterday, today was dry but overcast. The sun finally came out a bit at the end of the match. This was a Leg match which I don't shoot many of. Still, it's good to practice starting rapids from standing as the Trophy matches are coming up in a month or so.

Standing: 94-2
Sitting: 100-4
Rapid Prone: 99-3
Slow Prone: 199-10
Aggregate: 492-19


It got warm today. Only upper 80's but I started to feel it by the end of the day.

Standing: 196-7
Sitting: 200-11
Rapid Prone: 199-14
Slow Prone: 200-13
Aggregate: 795-45


I traveled to shoot at this 200 yard range so I could try out my rifle after replacing the bolt stop. No improvement in function since the bolt was still not locking back in slow fire. This was more distracting than I thought but my firing point gave me even more problems. There was a slope downward from left to right so my supporting side was always higher than my other side.

Standing: 193-6
Sitting: 197-11
Rapid Prone: 197-6
Slow Prone: 198-7
Aggregate: 785-30


With the Trophy matches coming up, I was running out of time to fix the problem of the bolt locking back. I bought a Bob Sled, replaced the magazine springs with Wolff springs, and got a new buffer and buffer spring as well. My only chance to test things out was taking the day off work and shooting the Tuesday league. The match went quickly in warm and humid conditions.

Standing: 198-8
Sitting: 199-11
Rapid Prone: 198-4
Slow Prone: 200-10
Aggregate: 795-33

Now it's off to Camp Perry, OH for the Trophy Matches. After attending every year since 1998, last year was cancelled. It will be good to go back and see friends from all over the country again.


A really nice day to shoot the President's Rifle Match. Things started off very cool in the morning and I wore my sweatshirt out to the line. The day warmed up to the mid-70's with mostly blue skies and low humidity.

Standing: 97-3
Rapid Prone: 89-0
Slow Prone: 86-3
Aggregate: 272-6


Great weather for the NTI today.

Standing: 96-2
Sitting: 100-7
Rapid Prone: 100-3
Slow Prone: 190-4
Aggregate: 486-16


This match is a two-man format doubles match and the weather continues to be great.

Standing: 97-4
Rapid Prone: 98-5
Slow Prone: 94-2
Aggregate: 272-6


The 6-man team match today and the weather continues to be fantastic. There's been barely any clouds over the range this week. It's a stressful morning as organizing this team has really sucked all the fun out of this match for me.

Standing: 97-4
Sitting: 99-7
Rapid Prone: 100-5
Slow Prone: 195-8
Aggregate: 491-24

The NRA matches start off with a 2-man team match. It was a hot one today with temperatures reaching 95F. But the skies were clear except for the occasional F-16 or helicopter flying by.

Standing: 98-5
Sitting: 100-7
Rapid Prone: 100-5
Slow Prone: 196-9
Aggregate: 494-26

The 4-man team match today and the heat returns. I was downing water all day but it didn't ease the misery.

Standing: 98-5
Sitting: 100-3
Rapid Prone: 98-5
Slow Prone: 195-8
Aggregate: 494-26

The heat of the last couple of days was pushed away for the first day of the championship. But it was pushed away by a thunderstorm that caused us to evacuate the range after we shot standing and sitting.

Standing: 195-4
Sitting: 200-7
Rapid Prone: 196-6

Hot weather came back today. But it just didn't feel as miserable as the team match days.

Standing: 194-4
Sitting: 200-14
Slow Prone: 200-16

Despite the heat and humidity I was able to tolerate most of the day. That is, until we got back to 600.

Sitting: 199-10
Rapid Prone: 196-9
Slow Prone: 199-12

The last day of the championship and I'm ready to be done. The week has been a grind, like it is every year. I want to be done but I also want to finish with the best score I can.

Standing: 196-5
Rapid Prone: 200-11
Slow Prone: 197-10

A cool, heavily overcast day. Not much wind but the skies always looked like they were going to get us wet.

Standing: 193-6
Sitting: 200-13
Rapid Prone: 199-9
Slow Prone: 197-7
Aggregate: 789-35

Today's team match has no sighters. Not a big deal but it keeps me on my toes as I don't the sighter period as an extra prep.

Standing: 196-5
Sitting: 200-9
Rapid Prone: 200-12
Slow Prone: 196-5
Aggregate: 792-31

I was a little thrown off today as the normal spot where I set up my stat office at the range was reserved by someone else. After moving all my stuff and registering everyone I could finally get to shooting.

Standing: 197-7
Sitting: 200-8
Rapid Prone: 197-7
Slow Prone: 198-14
Aggregate: 792-36

Yesterday had great weather and today was just as nice. Sunny, warm, and very little wind.

Standing: 196-8
Sitting: 200-9
Rapid Prone: 198-7
Slow Prone: 198-8
Aggregate: 792-32

A very overcast day made for a gloomy atmosphere despite the mild temperatures. But I was more relaxed than probably any match this year. My general feeling on the day was just moving through the match, executing what I can control, and finishing the day with no pressure on myself.

Standing: 199-8
Sitting: 200-7
Rapid Prone: 200-10
Slow Prone: 189-1
Aggregate: 788-26