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The 2018 Season

The Scores

Date Location Standing Sitting Rapid
April 8 Bonfield 98-3 100-8 95-0 194-8 487-19 97.4%
April 28 Milan 194-6 200-14 198-7 190-4 782-31 97.8%
May 6 Bonfield 95-0 100-7 100-4 195-9 490-20 98.0%
May 12 Bonfield 190-3 200-9 198-9 200-10 788-31 98.5%
May 26 Lodi 96-1 100-5 98-4 179-4 473-14 94.6%
May 27 Lodi 191-4 200-10 195-2 384-6 970-22 97.0%
June 2 Milan 197-6 200-11 199-3 192-4 788-24 98.5%
June 3 Milan 95-3 97-4 100-3 188-3 480-13 96.0%
June 23 Milan 198-6 198-8 200-11 197-6 793-31 99.1%
June 24 Milan 197-1 200-7 198-9 198-5 793-22 99.1%
July 4 Bonfield 184-3 200-10 198-6 199-9 781-28 97.6%
July 6 Camp Atterbury 96-3 100-7 99-5 200-13 495-28 99.0%
July 7 Camp Atterbury 99-5 100-7 100-7 197-9 496-28 99.2%
July 9 Camp Atterbury 196-4 200-11 197-5 198-10 791-30 98.9%
July 10 Camp Atterbury 189-2 200-10 199-9 197-9 785-30 98.1%
July 11 Camp Atterbury 197-12 199-12 200-9 200-16 796-49 99.5%
July 29 Camp Perry 98-2 - 100-5 99-4 297-11 99.0%
July 30 Camp Perry 97-1 99-3 99-2 198-9 493-15 98.6%
July 31 Camp Perry 92-1 - 97-4 97-5 286-10 95.3%
August 1 Camp Perry 97-2 100-8 99-3 197-12 493-25 98.6%
August 11 Milan 199-5 200-11 200-9 193-7 792-32 99.0%
September 1 Milan 196-6 197-14 198-12 197-9 788-41 98.5%
September 2 Milan 94-3 100-4 100-4 198-10 492-21 98.4%
September 15 Bonfield 196-4 200-13 197-10 200-7 793-34 99.1%
October 6 Milan 197-7 200-12 - - 397-19 99.3%

My winter routine has gotten pretty lazy. I hadn't even picked up the service rifle until the day of the first match. An offseason of 4-P smallbore has kept me sharp on shot execution and those scores were higher than they ever were. I was shooting some good highpower scores at the end of last season. Having that confidence should show me what's possible this year.


The calendar may say spring but winter isn't letting go. With snow still in the forecast, I pulled into the range with the thermometer at 29°F. But, because of the sunshine and lack of wind, the cold was actually tolerable. As with the first match every year, my goal is to finish the day with some kind of zero for each stage. The whole day felt a bit foreign and it was like I was shooting a highpower match for the first time.

Standing: 98-3
Sitting: 100-8
Rapid Prone: 95-0
Slow Prone: 194-8
Aggregate: 487-19

The weather wasn't a problem today as it was a really nice day to shoot. I don't remember seeing a single cloud all day. It was cool but quite comfortable. My problem was that my lower back was very sore and I had a hard time getting my full range of motion. It got better as the day went on but made for some stiffness in the morning.

Standing: 194-6
Sitting: 200-14
Rapid Prone: 198-7
Slow Prone: 190-4
Aggregate: 782-31


The weather has been improving recently but there was still a chance of rain today. It did sprinkle on us as my relay finished sitting and went to the pits. After that, the sun came out and it was a nice day.

Standing: 95-0
Sitting: 100-7
Rapid Prone: 100-4
Slow Prone: 195-9
Aggregate: 490-20


This just wasn't a pleasant day to shoot. We have weather in May that we should have had in March. Temperatures were in the 50's with heavy overcast and rain during registration. The rain stopped for most of the match to only start up again close to the end.

Standing: 190-3
Sitting: 200-9
Rapid Prone: 198-9
Slow Prone: 200-10
Aggregate: 788-31

I drove up in the morning for this team match and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was forecast to be hot today and we weren't disappointed. This match is run using electronic targets and I brought lots of additional ammunition just in case I had to fire extra shots.

Standing: 96-1
Sitting: 100-5
Rapid Prone: 98-4
Slow Prone: 179-4
Aggregate: 473-14


As hot as yesterday was, today was forecast to be even hotter. I got plenty of water ready and I tried to keep my movement to a minimum. A benefit of the electronic targets would be that we wouldn't have to bake in the pits.

Standing: 191-4
Sitting: 200-10
Rapid Prone: 195-2
Slow Prone: 190-2
Slow Prone: 194-4
Aggregate: 970-22


We had some storms move through the area. That brought cloudy skies but they cleared by late morning and it was a very nice day to shoot. Wind was mild and temperatures were pleasant.

Standing: 197-6
Sitting: 200-11
Rapid Prone: 199-3
Slow Prone: 192-4
Aggregate: 788-24


Today was a Leg match. Since I rarely have to stand up for rapid fire, I thought that it would feel much more foreign than it was. While it was a bit different, my mind reverted back to all those years that we had to do that for every string. It was windy for the entire day which is unusual for this range.

Standing: 95-3
Sitting: 97-4
Rapid Prone: 100-3
Slow Prone: 188-3
Aggregate: 480-13

It had rained at the range for a good part of the week and there was a lot of moisture in the air. The high temperature was only in the lower 80's but you could feel the humidity all day. I was looking forward to this tournament as I rarely get to shoot back-to-back 80's. For some reason I just felt tired all day. Maybe it was the humidity or maybe not enough sleep. But I just wanted to lay down and take a nap in the middle of the day.

Standing: 198-6
Sitting: 198-8
Rapid Prone: 200-11
Slow Prone: 197-6
Aggregate: 793-31

Today was a little warmer than yesterday and the humidity made it feel so much worse. The air was still for most of the day so there wasn't any relief from a breeze.

Standing: 197-1
Sitting: 200-7
Rapid Prone: 198-9
Slow Prone: 198-5
Aggregate: 793-22


I've been recovering from a cold since last weekend. The coughing and congestion certainly didn't improve the day. But what really made the day brutal was the heat and humidity. Every movement just seemed to take more effort than normal. I was drinking plenty of water but the air still felt oppressive.

Standing: 184-3
Sitting: 200-10
Rapid Prone: 198-6
Slow Prone: 199-9
Aggregate: 781-28


Now it is time to head to Camp Atterbury in Indiana for the NRA Highpower matches. I've been shooting pretty well recently with some stumbles along the way. My standing is good and I am encouraged with the change to the Berger 82's that my slow prone will be better.

Starting off the NRA matches is a 2-man team match. The day's weather was quite pleasant except for plenty of overcast that made it look like it was about to rain. The temperatures were mild but it got breezy early and lasted all day.

Standing: 96-3
Sitting: 100-7
Rapid Prone: 99-5
Slow Prone: 200-13
Aggregate: 495-28

Today was the 4-man team day and it was a beauty. Lots of sun, it wasn't too hot, a great day to be outdoors shooting a rifle match with your friends.

Standing: 99-5
Sitting: 100-7
Rapid Prone: 100-7
Slow Prone: 197-9
Aggregate: 496-28


The first day of the individual championship and temperatures are rising. But it was still a fine day for shooting. The morning was very calm with perfect conditions.

Standing: 196-4
Sitting: 200-11
Rapid Prone: 197-5

It was a hot one today. There seemed to be very little air movement and the heat just hung in the air and you couldn't escape it.

Standing: 189-2
Sitting: 200-10
Slow Prone: 198-10


The heat was here again today but humidity came along with it. My goal today was to just limit the points I drop and not have any disasters. The ideal scenario would be to clean all three stages which I know I'm capable of.

Sitting: 199-12
Rapid Prone: 199-9
Slow Prone: 197-9


Going into the last day of the championship, I had some anxiety about how I would perform. By this stage I am usually tired and ready to go home. I knew I had to shoot well to make up some ground on the rest of the field. The day had beautiful weather. It was warm and sunny in the afternoon but the morning was very calm with overcast skies.

Standing: 197-12
Rapid Prone: 200-9
Slow Prone: 200-16


The President's Rifle Match is always a stressful match for me. There's a lot of standing around until you have to rush through your string.

Standing: 98-2
Rapid Prone: 100-5
Slow Prone: 99-4
Aggregate: 297-11

Despite the dire weather forecast, it only sprinkled on us towards the end of the day. The conditions were pretty calm and lots of good scores were fired.

Standing: 97-1
Sitting: 99-3
Rapid Prone: 99-2
Slow Prone: 198-9
Aggregate: 493-15

Rain forecasted. A relaxed day but maybe too relaxed. Not as focused as I have been the last couple of days.

Standing: 92-1
Rapid Prone: 97-4
Slow Prone: 97-5
Aggregate: 286-10


The six-man team match is my main focus for the week. There was yet more rain in the forecast and it was quite dark when I was walking out to the range. My concern was being able to get a good sight picture when the light was so low. I need not have worried as even with the overcast there was plenty of light by the time it was my turn to shoot. The whole team shot well and the day went by quickly.

Standing: 97-2
Sitting: 100-8
Rapid Prone: 99-3
Slow Prone: 197-12
Aggregate: 493-25


It was a bit humid on the range today. The temperature was warm but the moisture made you feel it more. A lackluster breeze didn’t help to make us feel better. Today I tried to focus on getting the best NPA I could in each stage.

Standing: 199-5
Sitting: 200-11
Rapid Prone: 200-9
Slow Prone: 193-7
Aggregate: 792-32


The weather forecast was pretty depressing with rain in the area for the whole weekend. Today's individual was delayed about four hours while the rain passed. This really messed up the feel and timing of the day. I was "off" for the whole day and I wasn't really shooting naturally. The humidity required more effort to do anything and I just wanted to take a nap.

Standing: 196-6
Sitting: 197-14
Rapid Prone: 198-12
Slow Prone: 197-9
Aggregate: 788-41

The team match started after we finished yesterday's 600.

Standing: 94-3
Sitting: 100-4
Rapid Prone: 100-4
Slow Prone: 198-10
Aggregate: 492-21


I was disappointed with my mental outlook for this match. For some reason I wasn't looking forward to it and, to be honest, if I had my way I would have stayed home. Part of this had to do with the fact that I was running it. But part of it was also the motions of finishing out the season. It was a very pleasant day to shoot. Sunny, warm, and very little wind.

Standing: 196-4
Sitting: 200-13
Rapid Prone: 197-10
Slow Prone: 200-7
Aggregate: 793-34


The final match of the year brings an opportunity to experiment. For several months I have been thinking about using a rifle scope with a high magnification. I think this could help me see more detail and be able to find those subtle things that affect shot placement. So I borrowed a Leupold FX-3, 25X40mm rifle scope. This is a fixed power scope with a 3/8 MOA target dot reticle and adjustable parallax. I also ordered the same set of rings and mount that I already have for my 4X service rifle scope.

As I didn't have much time to get the scope set up, all I could do at home was mount it on the rifle and make sure the reticle was focused for my eyes. The morning of the match I got to the range early and took my rifle to the benchrest range to try to get a rough zero. I fired the rifle at 50 and 100 yards so I could be confident of being on paper at 200. I'm not used to a parallax adjustment so when I first looked through the scope everything downrange was fuzzy. My assumption was that if the target was clear then the parallax was set correctly. I was later told this was not necessarily the case.

It only took a few shots to get a rough zero and I walked back to the 200 yard line to start the match. The weather forecast did not look good. It was very cloudy and the high was only going to be in the mid-50's. The rain was coming and it started before we even finished at 200. The match was cancelled after everyone shot sitting so I only got to shoot two stages with the fancy scope. Even so, here are my observations of shooting a service rifle with a 25 power scope.



Standing: 197-7
Sitting: 200-12
Rapid Prone: -
Slow Prone: -
Aggregate: 397-19



With the season now over, here are my averages of each stage over the course of 2018. This is every match with the good performances and the bad ones in a range of different conditions. There's even a miss in standing in those numbers.

2018 Averages
Standing: 96.7%
Sitting: 99.7%
Rapid Prone: 99.0%
Slow Prone: 97.7%
Aggregate: 98.2%