Konrad's journal of Highpower Rifle Competition

"Mental Focus. Not Equipment Hocus Pocus."

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The 2016 Season

Date Location Standing Sitting Rapid
April 17 Bonfield 96-2 100-5 99-8 190-8 485-23 97.0%
May 15 Bonfield 99-4 95-0 98-4 199-8 491-16 98.2%
May 28 Lodi 98-4 98-5 97-1 192-7 485-17 97.0%
May 29 Lodi 189-2 194-4 187-3 353-2 923-11 92.3%
June 4 Milan 197-3 199-8 190-3 193-7 779-21 97.4%
June 5 Milan 97-1 100-4 94-0 193-7 484-12 96.8%
June 12 Bonfield 96-1 98-2 100-4 192-7 486-14 97.2%
June 19 Racine 194-4 198-8 191-2 196-6 779-20 97.4%
July 2 Brookston 196-7 197-3 196-7 196-4 785-21 98.1%
July 9 Lodi 194-6 199-11 197-7 172-0 762-24 95.3%
July 10 Lodi 93-2 96-3 97-2 196-8 482-15 96.4%
July 16 Van Meter 96-4 96-2 95-0 97-6 384-12 96.0%
July 16 Van Meter 97-1 98-2 97-2 197-8 489-13 97.8%
July 17 Van Meter 195-1 198-6 184-8 194-10 771-25 96.4%
July 25 Camp Perry 90-2 - 92-1 94-4 276-7 92.0%
July 26 Camp Perry 93-0 98-4 94-2 192-3 477-9 95.4%
July 27 Camp Perry 95-2 - 100-3 97-3 292-8 97.3%
July 28 Camp Perry 94-3 99-6 93-2 195-7 481-18 96.2%
July 31 Camp Perry 95-0 100-4 100-2 194-4 489-10 97.8%
August 1 Camp Perry 189-3 200-10 194-4 192-4 775-21 96.9%
August 2 Camp Perry 194-6 199-7 185-2 192-6 770-21 96.3%
August 3 Camp Perry 198-4 198-8 188-2 195-6 779-20 97.4%
August 4 Camp Perry 95-1 100-4 100-4 195-4 490-13 98.0%
September 3 Milan 194-6 197-6 197-7 195-8 783-27 97.9%
September 4 Milan 197-5 200-13 198-5 192-4 787-27 98.4%
September 11 Bonfield 98-1 96-6 97-4 190-4 481-15 96.2%
September 17 Bonfield 188-2 198-7 193-5 196-6 775-20 96.9%
September 18 Bonfield 195-7 200-6 195-6 195-7 785-26 98.1%
October 2 Bonfield 194-5 200-12 200-10 198-11 792-38 99.0%
October 8 Milan 193-5 200-9 199-8 186-5 778-27 97.3%

I don't remember ever having this little motivation to start the highpower season. I am involved in the sport on a national level and there were some things that took place over the winter that really sapped my enthusiasm for the season to come. I know that sounds pretty depressing but that's the only way to really describe it. I am hoping that keeping my focus on my shooting and the improving weather will help me to enjoy highpower again.


The weather was great today. Unseasonably warm and little breeze. You can see a video of this match on YouTube.

Offhand: 96-2
Sitting: 100-5
Rapid Prone: 99-8
Slow Prone: 190-8
Aggregate: 485-23


The air was chilly this morning with a breeze that would pick up every now and then. I even wore a heavy coat for most of the day just to stay comfortable. Despite this, the sun was out all day. You can see a video of this match on YouTube.

Offhand: 99-4
Sitting: 95-0
Rapid Prone: 98-4
Slow Prone: 199-8
Aggregate: 491-16


I am finally getting a chance to shoot on electronic targets. The only danger is the possibility of getting rained out for today's team match. You can see a video of this match on YouTube.

Offhand: 98-4
Sitting: 98-5
Rapid Prone: 97-1
Slow Prone: 192-7
Aggregate: 485-17


For today's Regional, we started with electronic targets at 600 but there were problems with them registering shots in the rapids. So it was decided to use manual targets at 200 & 300. Even though this was a day I would rather forget, you can see a video of this match on YouTube.

Slow Prone: 183-1
Slow Prone: 170-1
Rapid Prone: 187-3
Standing: 189-2
Sitting: 194-4
Aggregate: 923-11


This was our state highpower championship and the weather forecast called for a decent day. It turned out to be a pleasant day to shoot. Too bad my performance didn't match the conditions. You can see a video of this weekend on YouTube.

Offhand: 197-3
Sitting: 199-8
Rapid Prone: 190-3
Slow Prone: 193-7
Aggregate: 779-21


Nice weather today but I was really tired as I didn't get much sleep.

Offhand: 97-3
Sitting: 100-4
Rapid Prone: 94-0
Slow Prone: 193-7
Aggregate: 484-12


This was another great day to shoot. Warm but not hot and sunny skies.

Offhand: 96-1
Sitting: 98-2
Rapid Prone: 100-4
Slow Prone: 192-7
Aggregate: 486-14


We've reached summer and it was a warm one today. I was going to just bring a couple of water bottles with me this morning but then I decided to bring a larger jug. Boy, was I glad I did. It reached the low-90's today with not much breeze. I would have gotten some footage for YouTube but the club is very particular about photography because of a power plant next to the range.

Offhand: 194-4
Sitting: 198-8
Rapid Prone: 191-2
Slow Prone: 196-6
Aggregate: 779-20


I want to shoot as much as I can in the run up to the Nationals. Even though this was a long weekend, there wasn't anything local going on. So I traveled down to Brookston, IN to shoot a match there. The skies weren't as sunny as I expected but there was no wind and a very nice day to shoot. You can see a video of this match on YouTube.

Offhand: 196-7
Sitting: 197-3
Rapid Prone: 196-7
Slow Prone: 196-4
Aggregate: 785-21


Another full weekend of shooting with the state championship in Wisconsin.

Offhand: 194-6
Sitting: 199-11
Rapid Prone: 197-7
Slow Prone: 172-0
Aggregate: 762-24


Today was a leg match so I had to re-learn how to stand up for the rapids. Other than that I wasn't really happy with my performance as I gave up too many points early on.

Offhand: 93-2
Sitting: 96-3
Rapid Prone: 97-2
Slow Prone: 196-8
Aggregate: 482-15


Travelled to the Iowa Regional for the last opportunity to shoot before the Nationals. Today we fired a 40 shot, two-man team match in the morning.

Offhand: 96-4
Sitting: 96-2
Rapid Prone: 95-0
Slow Prone: 97-6
Aggregate: 384-12

After the team match we moved right back to the 200 yard line for the leg match.

Offhand: 97-1
Sitting: 98-2
Rapid Prone: 97-2
Slow Prone: 197-8
Aggregate: 489-13

There were thunderstorms moving through the area and it had rained overnight. Morning brought heavy overcast and dark skies with more rain threatening. You can see a video of this weekend on YouTube.

Offhand: 195-1
Sitting: 198-6
Rapid Prone: 184-8
Slow Prone: 194-10
Aggregate: 771-25


We had good weather for the President's match. The temperatures were warm but there was an overcast for most of the day which made things pleasant. It did get windy though, which made for another challenge to overcome.

Offhand: 90-2
Rapid Prone: 92-1
Slow Prone: 94-4
Aggregate: 276-7

After yesterday's debacle I was more relaxed today. But that still didn't prevent me from shooting poorly. The conditions weren't the best but it was still a nice day with the skies clearing during the course of the day.

Offhand: 93-0
Sitting: 98-4
Rapid Prone: 94-2
Slow Prone: 192-3
Aggregate: 477-9

I have never shot the Hearst Doubles before. It sounded like a fun match so I thought I would give it a try. The weather and conditions were the best yet this year. Warm, blue skies, very little wind.

Offhand: 95-2
Rapid Prone: 100-3
Slow Prone: 97-3
Aggregate: 292-8

The six-man team match is a focal point for me at Camp Perry. The conditions were certainly conducive to shooting a good score.

Offhand: 94-3
Sitting: 99-6
Rapid Prone: 93-2
Slow Prone: 195-7
Aggregate: 481-18

The NRA matches kick off with a two-man team match. The skies looked a little dark this morning and there was some rain in the forecast but the weather turned out great.

Offhand: 95-0
Sitting: 100-4
Rapid Prone: 100-2
Slow Prone: 194-4
Aggregate: 489-10

I have been shooting the NRA Highpower Championship since 2001. In that time we have always shot the course over four days. This year it was compressed to three days which means we would shoot a full 80 shots each day. In addition, NRA combined our prep and sighters into one block time. So essentially these matches are being conducted differently than the rule book and differently than almost all local matches. All of this made for a long day.

Offhand: 189-3
Sitting: 200-10
Rapid Prone: 194-4
Slow Prone: 192-4
Aggregate: 775-21

Another long day on the range but the weather was good.

Offhand: 194-6
Sitting: 199-7
Rapid Prone: 185-2
Slow Prone: 192-6
Aggregate: 770-21

Shooting 80 shots a day for three days is exhausting at Camp Perry. I feel like I am rushing all over the range and not having much fun.

Offhand: 198-4
Sitting: 198-8
Rapid Prone: 188-2
Slow Prone: 195-6
Aggregate: 779-20

This year the team match has been moved to the end of the week. I am just looking forward to being done and going home.

Offhand: 95-1
Sitting: 100-4
Rapid Prone: 100-4
Slow Prone: 195-4
Aggregate: 490-13


Days like this were made for shooting. Sunshine all day with only scattered clouds, mild temperatures, and very little wind. I hadn’t shot since Camp Perry and I felt very detached from my shooting process, almost like I was away from the sport for a long time. You can see a video of this weekend on YouTube.

Offhand: 194-6
Sitting: 197-6
Rapid Prone: 197-7
Slow Prone: 195-8
Aggregate: 783-27


This was a team match and another nice day to shoot. Light overcast skies in the morning giving way to alternating sun and clouds in the afternoon. The air was very still for most of the day.

Offhand: 197-5
Sitting: 200-13
Rapid Prone: 198-5
Slow Prone: 192-4
Aggregate: 787-27



The weather is starting to turn cooler but it's still a great environment to shoot in. This morning we had clear, blue skies and no wind.

Offhand: 98-1
Sitting: 96-6
Rapid Prone: 97-4
Slow Prone: 190-4
Aggregate: 481-15


There were a thousand little details to deal with this morning and I really didn't feel like I had my head in the game. We had a good turnout but all day I felt like I needed to do a lot of other things and shooting was secondary.

Offhand: 188-2
Sitting: 198-7
Rapid Prone: 193-5
Slow Prone: 196-6
Aggregate: 775-20

Since scopes have been allowed in service rifle competition this year, I have been watching other shooters use them. I have talked to people about their learning curve, what the advantages and disadvantages have been, and how they have transitioned. I have also seen enough of a differential in groups and scores that I felt that I am giving up too many points to these shooters. So I had a scoped service rifle built with a prototype scope and this is the first match that I fired with it. I shot a few shots at 200 yards the previous day so at least I had a starting point for a zero. You can see a video of today's match on YouTube.

Offhand: 195-7
Sitting: 200-6
Rapid Prone: 195-6
Slow Prone: 195-7
Aggregate: 785-26


The weather is now providing clues that the outdoor shooting season is winding down. The temperatures have dropped but it's still comfortable with a sweatshirt. We had a lot of rain this week and today was very overcast. You can see a video of today's match on YouTube.

Offhand: 194-5
Sitting: 200-12
Rapid Prone: 200-10
Slow Prone: 198-11
Aggregate: 792-38


There is a definite chill in the air as we get further into autumn. While the skies were clear and blue this morning, you can see your breath and you don't want to be in just a t-shirt.


Offhand: 193-5
Sitting: 200-9
Rapid Prone: 199-8
Slow Prone: 186-5
Aggregate: 778-27