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The 2015 Season

Date Location Standing Sitting Rapid
April 12 Bonfield 96-3 100-5 99-4 191-5 486-17 97.2%
April 26 Bonfield 99-3 99-4 98-4 193-5 489-16 97.8%
May 2 Milan 192-2 199-8 191-1 195-7 777-18 97.1%
May 9 Bonfield 193-2 199-7 198-10 200-11 790-30 98.8%
May 17 Bonfield 99-3 97-1 97-3 191-3 484-10 96.8%
May 23 Lodi 99-3 100-1 99-3 194-5 492-12 98.4%
May 24 Lodi - - 192-4 386-15 578-19 96.3%
May 30 Milan 194-7 200-10 195-3 196-5 785-25 98.1%
June 6 Lodi 195-7 194-10 196-6 192-6 777-29 97.1%
June 7 Lodi 94-4 100-5 97-1 195-5 486-15 97.2%
July 5 Bonfield 96-2 99-7 96-3 196-5 487-17 97.4%
July 20 Camp Perry 98-3 97-3 98-4 195-7 488-17 97.6%
July 21 Camp Perry 88-0 98-4 99-0 192-7 477-11 95.4%
July 22 Camp Perry 95-1 - 99-4 95-4 289-9 96.3%
July 23 Camp Perry 99-4 100-6 100-4 195-8 494-22 98.8%
July 24 Camp Perry 97-3 99-5 97-0 198-11 491-19 98.2%
July 26 Camp Perry 193-5 198-7 200-6 192-7 783-25 97.9%
July 27 Camp Perry 183-2 200-9 198-5 192-4 773-20 96.6%
July 28 Camp Perry 193-3 199-9 198-7 195-10 785-29 98.1%
August 29 Van Meter 97-0 - 99-3 92-0 288-3 96.0%
August 29 Van Meter 99-3 97-1 99-1 197-7 492-12 98.4%
August 30 Van Meter 195-4 200-12 194-5 196-7 785-28 98.1%
September 5 Milan 192-1 189-13 180-0 196-9 757-23 94.6%
September 6 Milan 193-3 198-8 194-3 194-4 779-18 97.4%
September 13 Bonfield 97-3 100-4 100-6 199-8 496-21 99.2%
September 19 Bonfield 191-3 198-4 197-4 199-13 785-24 98.1%
September 20 Bonfield 196-3 198-8 196-6 198-7 788-24 98.5%
October 4 Bonfield 196-4 200-12 196-3 194-6 786-25 98.3%
October 10 Milan 194-8 200-7 198-2 193-3 785-20 98.1%

The highpower season came along rather quickly. I have been reloading over the winter and had a stockpile of ammo ready but the rest of my gear still had to be prepared. The night before the first match I took my re-barreled upper out of the box and put it on a lower. I put some of the included Loctite on the front sight base around the barrel but it just wound up going all over the place. A new sling also went on.


The first match can be hit or miss with regards to weather. We really hit this year. The temperature was pleasant with a gusty breeze and the skies were clear.

Offhand: 96-3
Sitting: 100-5
Rapid Prone: 99-4
Slow Prone: 191-5
Aggregate: 486-17


It was supposed to be a clear and sunny day today but it started rather chilly. In addition there was a wind blowing which made it feel colder than it really was.

Offhand: 99-3
Sitting: 99-4
Rapid Prone: 98-4
Slow Prone: 193-5
Aggregate: 489-16


The weather was really great today. But very much a mediocre day performance-wise.

Offhand: 192-2
Sitting: 199-8
Rapid Prone: 191-1
Slow Prone: 195-7
Aggregate: 777-18


I actually thought we were going to be rained out today. There was a heavy overcast for most of the day with the sun peaking out towards the end.

Offhand: 193-2
Sitting: 199-7
Rapid Prone: 198-10
Slow Prone: 200-11
Aggregate: 790-30


Most of the time, when the weather forecast is not too good, I will still travel to a match because you can never tell if it will get cancelled. There have been times in the past that I have stayed home only to find out I missed an opportunity to shoot and compete. Today's forecast called for a possible window of no rain for the morning so I decided to gamble and drive to the range. Part of me is glad I did because I got to shoot but the other part of me isn't glad because I didn't shoot well.

Offhand: 99-3
Sitting: 97-1
Rapid Prone: 97-3
Slow Prone: 191-3
Aggregate: 484-10


What great weather for a rifle match. Solid blue skies and comfortable temperatures. A little breeze would come up every now and then but it was a really nice day to be outdoors. Today was a team match.

Offhand: 99-3
Sitting: 100-1
Rapid Prone: 99-3
Slow Prone: 194-5
Aggregate: 492-12


The weather forecast for the individual showed rain for the last several days so I wasn't holding out a lot of hope for a dry day. The morning brought heavy overcast with dark skies but there was no rain....yet. I set my gear down on my firing point at 600 and waited to start.

Slow Prone: 190-7
Slow Prone: 196-8
Rapid Prone: 192-4
Aggregate: 578-19


The forecast called for rain today and the skies didn't disapoint. It started drizzling when I was almost done in standing and continued for most of the morning. Not a heavy rain but still enough to soak all of my stuff by the end of the day.

Offhand: 194-7
Sitting: 200-10
Rapid Prone: 195-3
Slow Prone: 196-5
Aggregate: 785-25


After two weeks of rainy matches it felt good to have a perfect day for shooting. The sun felt warm and the skies were blue. I actually felt like I worked and performed better than my score shows. It was just that I made major mistakes that threw away points in bundles.

Offhand: 195-7
Sitting: 194-10
Rapid Prone: 196-6
Slow Prone: 192-6
Aggregate: 777-29

The rain returned today for the team match.

Offhand: 94-4
Sitting: 100-5
Rapid Prone: 97-1
Slow Prone: 195-5
Aggregate: 486-15


We have had a lot of rain over the past few weeks and this really soaked the range. The grass held in a lot of moisture and the pits had a lot of run-off water. Once the temperatures got into the mid-80's the humidity really made the air feel oppressive. Other than this the weather was really great and there was lots of light. There was no wind to speak of and the atmosphere was very still.

Offhand: 96-2
Sitting: 99-7
Rapid Prone: 96-3
Slow Prone: 196-5
Aggregate: 487-17


The skies were sunny and clear for the six-man team match. Despite all the rain that Camp Perry got this summer I didn't feel a lot of humidity. Weather wise it was a very pleasant day to shoot.

Offhand: 98-3
Sitting: 97-3
Rapid Prone: 98-4
Slow Prone: 195-7
Aggregate: 488-17

Today's weather was a little odd. It was clear when I walked out to the range, then the skies got dark and the wind started to blow, and then it cleared and became a bright sunny day. All within a couple of hours.

Offhand: 88-0
Sitting: 98-4
Rapid Prone: 99-0
Slow Prone: 192-7
Aggregate: 477-11

Beautiful weather all day with just a slight breeze mostly in our faces.

Offhand: 95-1
Rapid Prone: 99-4
Slow Prone: 95-4
Aggregate: 289-9


The days just keep getting nicer and nicer. Today was clear with bright blue skies. My biggest problem was a sore throat that descended on me overnight. It made the day a bit of a blur and I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have.

Offhand: 99-4
Sitting: 100-6
Rapid Prone: 100-4
Slow Prone: 195-8
Aggregate: 494-22

Yesterday's sore throat has now become today's cold. I spent the day coughing, sneezing, and being generally miserable. All this despite the great weather and mild conditions.

Offhand: 97-3
Sitting: 99-5
Rapid Prone: 97-0
Slow Prone: 198-11
Aggregate: 491-19


I bought some medicine to deal with the cold but I could certainly feel it this morning. The congestion and general feeling of illness made the day go by a little slower. I didn't feel it while actually shooting but the other tasks such as walking out on the line, pulling targets, and moving around the range were more difficult.

Offhand: 193-5
Sitting: 198-7
Rapid Prone: 200-6

We had some rain overnight so there was a lot of moisture in the very still air this morning. Once the wind picked up it took all the humidity away and left us with warmth and sunshine.

Offhand: 183-2
Sitting: 200-9
Slow Prone: 192-7

The weather is still good and very pleasant to shoot.

Sitting: 199-9
Rapid Prone: 198-5
Slow Prone: 192-4

The final day of the championship and I'm ready to be done. The weather has been great but shooting every day without a break is really getting to be a grind.

Offhand: 193-3
Rapid Prone: 198-7
Slow Prone: 195-10
Aggregate: 2341-74


The range got some rain last night so the ground was very muddy. This Regional weekend is usually held in July but it originally got rained out so we made the trip out in August. Today was a 2-man team match but because I haven't shot in a month, shooting seemed very foreign to me.

Offhand: 97-0
Rapid Prone: 99-3
Slow Prone: 92-0
Aggregate: 288-3


After the team match in the morning now we are going to shoot a Leg match. The air is still humid but some of the mud has dried out.

Offhand: 99-3
Sitting: 97-1
Rapid Prone: 99-1
Slow Prone: 197-7
Aggregate: 492-12


A lot of fog when we drove into the range this morning for the Regional. Visibility was poor during registration but then the mist lifted when we went to the firing line. The weather turned out fine but the sun didn't come out until we were almost done.

Offhand: 195-4
Sitting: 200-12
Rapid Prone: 194-5
Slow Prone: 196-7
Aggregate: 785-28


Hot, humid weather made its appearance today. Temperatures were in the low 90's with everyting very sticky. I tried to stay hydrated but I could still feel my pulse pounding in my head when I went to shoot.

Offhand: 192-1
Sitting: 189-13
Rapid Prone: 180-0
Slow Prone: 196-9
Aggregate: 757-23

Today was another hot and humid day. It was a team match with no sighters but I shot out of competition with a couple of other shooters.

Offhand: 193-3
Sitting: 198-8
Rapid Prone: 194-3
Slow Prone: 194-4
Aggregate: 779-18


The morning started out a little cool. Just enough to require a sweatshirt and to let you know that summer is fading away. The skies were clear for most of the morning and then we started to get some clouds that would put the targets in occasional shadow.

Offhand: 97-3
Sitting: 100-4
Rapid Prone: 100-6
Slow Prone: 199-8
Aggregate: 496-21


It was dreary driving to the range in a light rain. By the time I had gotten there it had mostly stopped but we still walked out to the line in a mist. Fortunately that ended as we took our positions for standing.

Offhand: 191-3
Sitting: 198-4
Rapid Prone: 197-4
Slow Prone: 199-13
Aggregate: 785-24

The conditions were even better today than they were yesterday. It was a great day to shoot.

Offhand: 196-3
Sitting: 198-8
Rapid Prone: 196-6
Slow Prone: 198-7
Aggregate: 788-24


A breezy, chilly, and blustery day. Heavy overcast hid the sun for most of the day and made it seem very autumn-ish. I spent most of the day wearing a coat but at least that kept me comfortable.

Offhand: 196-4
Sitting: 200-12
Rapid Prone: 196-3
Slow Prone: 194-6
Aggregate: 786-25


While the morning started out chilly, as soon as the sun came up it was quite comfortable. We had a fluctuating breeze all day but not too bad.

Offhand: 194-8
Sitting: 200-7
Rapid Prone: 198-2
Slow Prone: 193-3
Aggregate: 785-20


End of season reflections



When the season started this spring it felt like we constantly had poor weather. Even if it didn't rain, the skies looked like they were about to. By the time the weather became nice it was time to head to Camp Perry. The pushed forward schedule only allowed me three matches between May and the Nationals. Regardless of the weather and other factors, 2015 did not shape up to be a stellar year. While better than last year, I still couldn't regain the overall form of previous seasons.