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The 2014 Season

Date Location Standing Sitting Rapid
April 13 Bonfield 96-1 99-1 97-2 199-13 491-17 98.2%
April 27 Bonfield 95-0 98-2 100-2 193-3 486-7 97.2%
May 3 Milan 193-1 197-5 195-3 185-3 770-12 96.3%
May 10 Bonfield 193-3 196-6 195-4 195-6 779-19 97.4%
May 18 Bonfield 94-2 100-3 98-2 198-5 490-12 98.0%
May 24 Lodi 97-2 98-1 97-2 190-4 482-9 96.4%
May 25 Lodi 183-6 197-5 196-5 396-15 972-31 97.2%
June 7 Milan 194-4 200-8 197-10 198-7 789-29 98.6%
June 15 Racine 180-0 200-14 196-7 188-1 764-22 95.5%
July 4 Van Meter 97-3 97-3 95-1 195-10 484-17 96.8%
July 5 Van Meter 192-5 198-13 187-4 194-6 771-28 96.4%
July 6 Van Meter 187-3 199-9 198-9 193-7 777-28 97.1%
July 21 Camp Perry 99-1 95-1 98-1 195-7 487-10 97.4%
July 22 Camp Perry 91-1 - 94-1 92-2 277-4 92.3%
July 23 Camp Perry 89-0 99-3 96-3 182-9 466-15 93.2%
July 24 Camp Perry 88-2 99-2 98-1 194-5 479-10 95.8%
July 25 Camp Perry 94-1 99-2 97-1 196-5 486-9 97.2%
July 27 Camp Perry 191-6 200-9 192-9 191-6 774-30 96.8%
July 28 Camp Perry 193-6 200-8 196-4 193-3 782-21 97.8%
July 29 Camp Perry - - - 197-9 197-9 98.5%
August 16 Lodi 195-4 200-10 175-0 198-10 768-24 96.0%
August 30 Milan 195-4 197-11 196-7 197-5 785-27 98.1%
September 7 Bonfield 97-3 100-8 100-4 197-6 494-21 98.8%
September 13 Brookston 190-2 200-12 197-6 196-8 783-28 97.9%
September 20 Bonfield 196-5 198-8 198-5 199-11 791-29 98.9%
September 21 Bonfield 195-7 198-5 197-4 198-8 788-24 98.5%
October 5 Bonfield 195-5 197-5 194-4 199-7 785-21 98.1%
October 11 Milan 194-1 198-4 194-3 194-7 780-15 97.5%

Over the years I have been in various states of readiness when the highpower season began. Some years I had the chance to get a feel for all the positions, confirm sling settings, and fully prepare for the season to start. Other years I may have dry-fired a little standing and only spend a week or two getting ready.

This year I was shooting my last smallbore match a couple of days before the first highpower event. The first time I picked up a service rifle since last autumn was when I put my re-barreled upper on my lower. The night before the match I was reloading since I didn't even have enough ammunition to fire the whole course. I don't really like scrambling like this but that's what I get for leaving everything to the last minute.


As with the first match of every season, this is my opportunity to begin getting zeros for a re-barreled upper I have never shot before. Normally I will calculate some basic come-ups from previous zeros but with this year's scramble I never got around to it. I didn't even know if we would shoot today because of rain in the forecast.

Offhand: 96-1
Sitting: 99-1
Rapid Prone: 97-2
Slow Prone: 199-13
Aggregate: 491-17


Since the last match I have been able to adjust my front sight so that my rear sight is not bottomed out at 200 yards. I also made some calculations so that I had some estimates of what my new zeros should be. The conditions, though, made it difficult to get zeros. It was chilly with overcast skies and a stiff breeze that would gust every now and then. The skies cleared and it warmed up during the day but the gusts continued.

Offhand: 95-0
Sitting: 98-2
Rapid Prone: 100-2
Slow Prone: 193-3
Aggregate: 486-7


I'm still trying to chase down a good weather day to help in establishing my zeros. 200 yards was pretty calm today but when I shot 300 and 600 there was a down-range fishtailing wind that was hard to pick up with mirage. The trees still look pretty barren because of the long-lasting winter.

Offhand: 193-1
Sitting: 197-5
Rapid Prone: 195-3
Slow Prone: 185-3
Aggregate: 770-12


We finally got a low-wind day with plenty of sun. Despite this it was still a poor performance day where not many things went right.

Offhand: 193-3
Sitting: 196-6
Rapid Prone: 195-4
Slow Prone: 195-6
Aggregate: 779-19


The weather is finally starting to cooperate and we are able to get some warm days for matches.

Offhand: 94-2
Sitting: 100-3
Rapid Prone: 98-2
Slow Prone: 198-5
Aggregate: 490-12


This was the team match of a Regional Championship with very nice weather.

Offhand: 97-2
Sitting: 98-1
Rapid Prone: 97-2
Slow Prone: 190-4
Aggregate: 482-9

A 100-shot Regional Championship that starts at the 600 yard line.

Slow Prone: 196-7
Slow Prone: 200-8
Rapid Prone: 196-5
Standing: 183-6
Sitting: 197-5
Aggregate: 972-31


Today was a pleasant day to shoot for our state championship. I left for the range rather late the night before and didn't get much sleep. Consequently I was tired for most of the day. This didn't worry me too much as I really wasn't anxious about shooting. I just went from stage to stage executing like I knew I could.

Offhand: 194-4
Sitting: 200-8
Rapid Prone: 197-10
Slow Prone: 198-7
Aggregate: 789-29


The range at Racine tends to be rather featureless and a bit bleak. Today was also windy and there was a forecast for rain in the afternoon.

Offhand: 180-0
Sitting: 200-14
Rapid Prone: 196-7
Slow Prone: 188-1
Aggregate: 764-22


Normally the Van Meter Regional is a hot and humid affair. Today's team match however had mild temperatures and I even had to put on a sweatshirt in the morning.

Offhand: 97-3
Sitting: 97-3
Rapid Prone: 95-1
Slow Prone: 195-10
Aggregate: 484-17

Because of low participation, there were not enough non-distinguished shooters to hold a leg match today so we will have an 80-shot practice. Yesterday, after 200 yards, I moved the wrong way and got some sharp back pain. I get this from time to time and I try to deal with it but even with some pain medicine this morning, my movement was limited.

Offhand: 192-5
Sitting: 198-13
Rapid Prone: 187-4
Slow Prone: 194-6
Aggregate: 771-28

Today's weather was going to be very Van Meter-like with temperatures in the 90's and high humidity. Scattered rain had soaked into the ground and you could really feel the moisture hanging in the air. I hydrated pretty well and the heat didn't bother me that much except that I was pretty tired by the end of the day. My back was a little better but I still had limited flexibility.

Offhand: 187-3
Sitting: 199-9
Rapid Prone: 198-9
Slow Prone: 193-7
Aggregate: 777-28


Heading to Camp Perry this year feels a little strange. The altered schedule has the matches earlier in July and in a different sequence. Plus, on-post housing for the Trophy matches is impossible to find so I will be staying in Port Clinton for the first time. I don't do very well outside of my comfort zone so my confidence level isn't very high. I will try to remain positive and take each shot at a time.


Warm and clear day for the six-man team match.

Offhand: 99-1
Sitting: 95-1
Rapid Prone: 98-1
Slow Prone: 195-7
Aggregate: 487-10

I don't know what to really say about the President's match. It was a warm day with good conditions for shooting but things just seemed to go wrong in every stage.

Offhand: 91-1
Rapid Prone: 94-1
Slow Prone: 92-2
Aggregate: 277-4

The morning of the N.T.I. brought rain. By the time we walked out to the line there was only a slight drizzle but the skies were pretty dark.

Offhand: 89-0
Sitting: 99-3
Rapid Prone: 96-3
Slow Prone: 182-9
Aggregate: 466-15

The wind came out in force today for the 2-man team match. Apart from this it was a pretty pleasant day to shoot. Not too hot and lots of sunshine.

Offhand: 88-2
Sitting: 99-2
Rapid Prone: 98-1
Slow Prone: 194-5
Aggregate: 479-10

I was hoping this would be a relaxing day out shooting the 4-man team match. The weather was certainly good for shooting a good score but we didn't really take advantage.

Offhand: 94-1
Sitting: 99-2
Rapid Prone: 97-1
Slow Prone: 196-5
Aggregate: 486-9

The first day of the championship and there was rain in the forecast but we stayed dry.

Offhand: 191-6
Sitting: 200-9
Rapid Prone: 192-9

It was very humid walking out to Viale this morning. Not really hot but there was a lot of moisture hanging in the air.

Offhand: 193-6
Sitting: 200-8
Slow Prone: 191-6

When we went out to the range yesterday the wind was blowing so hard the targets were bowed, the carriers were hard to run, and some targets were being pulled out of the frames. The day's matches were scrubbed and we got a badly needed day off. Because today was the last day, the decision was made to shoot one 300 rapid and two 600's.

Rapid Prone: 196-4
Slow Prone: 193-3
Slow Prone: 197-9
Aggregate: 1753-60


Sometimes I like a bit of a break from shooting after Camp Perry so I really wasn't planning on going to this match. Still, I thought it might be nice to get away and shoot since it has been such an inconsistent season.

Offhand: 195-4
Sitting: 200-10
Rapid Prone: 175-0
Slow Prone: 198-10
Aggregate: 768-24


At this point in the season I usually start thinking about winding things down but this year I am thinking about more opportunities to shoot. For some reason I want to shoot more and not miss any weekends before the weather turns cold. Today we had nice weather although it was pretty cloudy and dark in the morning.

Offhand: 195-4
Sitting: 197-11
Rapid Prone: 196-7
Slow Prone: 197-5
Aggregate: 785-27


A clear day with a chill in the morning but then it warmed up during the day. Humidity in the air as well which made for some haze and for uncomfortable conditions when shooting.

Offhand: 97-3
Sitting: 100-8
Rapid Prone: 100-4
Slow Prone: 197-6
Aggregate: 494-21


Whenever I get a chance I like to go and shoot at ranges I have never been to before. So I traveled to Brookston, IN for their state 300 yard championship. The only problem was that we had a cold spell come through and temperatures this morning were in the 40's. I was glad I brought my winter coat as it was chilly until the sun came out and had a chance to warm the range.

Offhand: 190-2
Sitting: 200-12
Rapid Prone: 197-6
Slow Prone: 196-8
Aggregate: 783-28


The weather warmed up from last weekend. I was looking forward to shooting although I stayed up too late last night and felt quite tired this morning.

Offhand: 196-5
Sitting: 198-8
Rapid Prone: 198-5
Slow Prone: 199-11
Aggregate: 791-29


I had expected a sunny and mild day today but it turned out to be a bit chilly and cloudy. There was some sun in the morning but not for long.

Offhand: 195-7
Sitting: 198-5
Rapid Prone: 197-4
Slow Prone: 198-8
Aggregate: 788-24


The temperatures have really dropped recently. When the match started it was only in the upper 40's and never got out of the 50's during the day. An occasional breeze would blow through and the dark clouds made the day seem colder and more depressing.

Offhand: 195-5
Sitting: 197-5
Rapid Prone: 194-4
Slow Prone: 199-7
Aggregate: 785-21


It was pretty chilly this morning. Taking off my winter coat to put on my shooting jacket made me wonder why I was even shooting. But the day turned out really nice when the sun came out.

Offhand: 194-1
Sitting: 198-4
Rapid Prone: 194-3
Slow Prone: 194-7
Aggregate: 780-15


End of season reflections



Statistically, this was my worst year since 2003. Regardless of the numbers, my performance just felt really off. This was due, in part, to the fact that I really couldn't get into a shooting rhythm. Because the Nationals were moved up, the season didn't feel like it was very long before we were driving to Camp Perry. I didn't have that feeling of constantly shooting and knowing my position and my zeros. It was like a series of single matches as opposed to a season of shooting. All that translated to inconsistent performances.