Konrad's journal of Highpower Rifle Competition

"Mental Focus. Not Equipment Hocus Pocus."

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The 2011 Season

Date Location Standing Sitting Rapid
April 10 Bonfield 90-0 100-3 93-1 195-7 478-11 95.6%
April 17 Bonfield 97-4 98-1 100-4 198-7 493-16 98.6%
May 7 Bonfield 193-6 199-8 196-4 200-8 788-26 98.5%
May 28 Lodi 98-6 100-6 98-1 196-9 492-22 98.4%
May 29 Lodi 195-3 196-6 198-4 388-11 977-24 97.7%
June 4 Milan 194-5 196-7 192-3 196-6 778-21 97.3%
June 5 Milan 97-2 99-8 100-2 196-5 492-17 98.4%
June 11 Wright City 194-8 199-7 197-8 192-5 782-28 97.8%
June 12 Wright City 95-2 - 99-2 96-1 290-5 96.7%
June 12 Wright City 95-1 98-2 97-3 187-5 477-11 95.4%
July 9 Lodi 193-4 197-8 197-6 193-7 780-25 97.5%
July 10 Lodi 97-3 100-5 97-1 195-7 489-16 97.8%
July 23 Van Meter 97-3 - 98-0 97-4 292-7 97.3%
July 23 Van Meter 93-0 99-6 99-6 190-7 481-19 96.2%
July 24 Van Meter 194-3 200-13 198-10 192-9 784-35 98.0%
August 1 Camp Perry 98-3 - 99-3 98-2 295-8 98.3%
August 2 Camp Perry 93-0 99-2 96-5 195-8 483-15 96.6%
August 4 Camp Perry 94-1 100-5 98-1 196-9 488-16 97.6%
August 7 Camp Perry 99-2 100-6 100-6 193-6 492-20 98.4%
August 8 Camp Perry 98-4 100-2 100-7 192-8 490-21 98.0%
August 10 Camp Perry 190-4 200-10 196-7 196-9 782-30 97.8%
August 11 Camp Perry 191-7 195-5 199-3 198-10 783-25 97.9%
August 12 Camp Perry 196-7 199-7 196-3 192-6 783-23 97.9%
August 21 Bonfield 97-2 100-6 100-4 199-14 496-26 99.2%
September 3 Milan 194-7 198-9 199-1 195-10 787-27 98.4%
September 4 Milan 190-4 200-11 199-3 195-5 784-23 98.0%
September 24 Bonfield 194-8 200-12 198-7 200-13 792-40 99.0%
September 25 Bonfield 196-5 199-9 198-5 196-7 789-26 98.6%
October 2 Bonfield 195-6 200-5 198-9 197-11 790-31 98.8%

I was able to get a good jump on the highpower season this year. Almost all of my work was in standing since that is where I can get the biggest potential point gain. I picked up the rifle in February and did some initial dry-firing in the sling supported positions before moving on to standing.

During the setup for standing I tried to be very conscious of how I acquired my NPA. I would mount the rifle with my eyes closed, settle into the position, open my eyes, and adjust if I wasn’t on the target. This, coupled with a good hold, allowed me to focus on breaking good shots and I was able to have some success. I'm hoping to carry this over the range and get a good start to the season.

Offhand: 93-0
Sitting: 100-3
Rapid Prone: 93-1
Slow Prone: 195-7
Aggregate: 478-11

Cold, overcast, and windy. A reminder that winter is still around. During the week I worked on the positions that had problems at the last match, standing and prone.

Offhand: 97-4
Sitting: 98-1
Rapid Prone: 100-4
Slow Prone: 198-7
Aggregate: 493-16

I thought we wouldn't get this match in as there was rain forecast for the whole day. Things stayed dry though, I got people registered, and was pretty happy with the good turnout including a number of new shooters.

Offhand: 193-6
Sitting: 199-8
Rapid Prone: 196-4
Slow Prone: 200-8
Aggregate: 788-26


Team match on Saturday although we didn't have much of a team. After all the other teams were set there were only three of us so we shot as a three-man team. This meant that our pit rotations were different and we couldn't pair fire as we had to provide a scorer for another team.

Offhand: 98-6
Sitting: 100-6
Rapid Prone: 98-1
Slow Prone: 196-9
Aggregate: 492-22


Sunday's Regional was run from the 600 yard line forward. Although there was fog early in the morning, it burned off by the time we started shooting. It was overcast for the whole day with a rain delay right before we shot 300 rapid.

Offhand: 195-3
Sitting: 196-6
Rapid Prone: 198-4
Slow Prone: 198-7
Slow Prone: 190-4
Aggregate: 977-24


A warm morning foreshadowed a much hotter afternoon. There was a lot of humidity in the air but I was looking forward to shooting and finally getting into a groove with matches on back to back weekends

Offhand: 95-2
Rapid Prone: 99-2
Slow Prone: 96-1
Aggregate: 290-5


Didn't get the heat of yesterday but we had a little drizzle in the morning. No big deal except for a wet rifle right before standing.

Offhand: 97-2
Sitting: 99-8
Rapid Prone: 100-2
Slow Prone: 196-5
Aggregate: 492-17

I felt like I hadn't been able to get into the rhythm of shooting so I drove down to St. Louis to shoot in their state championship. With an individual, a team, and a leg, there should be plenty of shooting to be done.

Offhand: 194-8
Sitting: 199-7
Rapid Prone: 197-8
Slow Prone: 192-5
Aggregate: 782-28

A president's rifle course team match with no sighters.

Offhand: 95-2
Rapid Prone: 99-2
Slow Prone: 96-1
Aggregate: 290-5

The leg match had pretty mild conditions.

Offhand: 95-1
Sitting: 98-2
Rapid Prone: 97-3
Slow Prone: 187-5
Aggregate: 477-11

After a four week break I was eager to get back to shooting. We're in the home stretch before the Nationals and there is only one more weekend of shooting after this one before I drive out to Camp Perry. It was warm today and I made sure to drink plenty of fluids.

Offhand: 193-4
Sitting: 197-8
Rapid Prone: 197-6
Slow Prone: 193-7
Aggregate: 780-25

Getting our team straightened out was as much work as shooting was. The morning brought some pretty muggy conditions until a thunderstorm moved in while I was shooting rapid prone.

Offhand: 97-3
Sitting: 100-5
Rapid Prone: 97-1
Slow Prone: 195-7
Aggregate: 489-16

There was a rain delay for this morning's team match. When we finally got started late in the morning the ground and air was heavy with humidity and the sun came out and started to beat on us. Van Meter is known for hot, humid weather and I've shot there in some pretty oppressive conditions. This year may not have been the worst but it may have come close.

Offhand: 97-3
Rapid Prone: 98-0
Slow Prone: 97-4
Aggregate: 292-7

The leg match started at about 3 o'clock and I was already drained. We moved back to the 200 yard line and I felt like I had already shot 10 matches today.

Offhand: 93-0
Sitting: 99-6
Rapid Prone: 99-6
Slow Prone: 190-7
Aggregate: 481-19

At least today had milder temperatures than yesterday. It was still warm but most of the morning had an overcast sky that kept the sun from being too bad.

Offhand: 194-3
Sitting: 200-13
Rapid Prone: 198-10
Slow Prone: 192-9
Aggregate: 784-35


I'm traveling out to Camp Perry feeling like I'm not as prepared or motivated as I have been in year's past. Part of this has to do with how I'm performing but it also has to do with a lack of rhythm in shooting matches. I haven't been able to get into a groove of shooting match after match.

Offhand: 98-3
Rapid Prone: 99-3
Slow Prone: 98-2
Aggregate: 295-8

I don't usually comment on winning or losing in these narratives because I prefer to focus on just my performance, but this is a special case. Coming out on top in the President's Rifle Match is something that seemed so distant and reserved for other shooters. After coming so close in 2009 I felt like I could do it again but with only one chance each year and my sub-par performances this season, I didn't know when I could get a legitimate shot at this success. While winning the match felt good, it was the honor of being associated with such a prestigious trophy and the congratulations that I have received from other shooters that really means the most.

The N.T.I. was a another warm, humid day. I was actually quite relaxed when I went to the line with the pressure of yesterday's win behind me I felt like I could just go out and shoot.

Offhand: 93-0
Sitting: 99-2
Rapid Prone: 96-5
Slow Prone: 195-8
Aggregate: 483-15

The weather for the morning of the six-man team was a pleasant change from the last couple of days. The temperatures were mild and a steady breeze felt good. I felt good about our chances this year as everyone was motivated and was shooting at a high level.

Offhand: 94-1
Sitting: 100-5
Rapid Prone: 98-1
Slow Prone: 196-9
Aggregate: 488-16

The NRA 2-man team match is pretty enjoyable. A low-key day just relaxing and shooting. The weather today was great too with warm temperatures, sunny skies, and moderate humidity.

Offhand: 99-2
Sitting: 100-6
Rapid Prone: 100-6
Slow Prone: 193-6
Aggregate: 492-20

My last team match of Camp Perry is the Rumbold.

Offhand: 98-4
Sitting: 100-2
Rapid Prone: 100-7
Slow Prone: 192-8
Aggregate: 490-21

The first day of the NRA Championship had overnight rain and mostly clear skies. My assigned firing point had only three people so we were all moved to other firing points and other relays. I would be on relay 4 for today.

Offhand: 190-4
Sitting: 200-10
Rapid Prone: 196-7

The tempertures have really dropped today. Still t-shirt weather but putting on a sweatshirt wasn’t objectionable. There was wind all day today.

Offhand: 191-7
Sitting: 195-5
Slow Prone: 196-7

Even cooler temperatures this morning with blue skies and a very pleasant day to shoot.

Sitting: 199-7
Rapid Prone: 199-3
Slow Prone: 198-10

The last day of the NRA championship is usually the most challenging. Partly because we have two slow-fires and a 300 but mostly because shooting has become a grind after two weeks at Camp Perry. Today I knew that I had to shoot well to salvage something from the third aggregate. I made up ground in standing but dribbled it away again over the rest of the afternoon.

Offhand: 196-7
Rapid Prone: 196-3
Slow Prone: 192-6
Aggregate: 2348-78

It was good to get back and shoot at Bonfield again. Because of this year's schedule and the weather in the spring, I haven't shot here since May. This probably comes closest to being my home range and I usually feel comfortable shooting here.

Offhand: 97-2
Sitting: 100-6
Rapid Prone: 100-4
Slow Prone: 199-14
Aggregate: 496-26

A humid morning for our state service rifle championship.

Offhand: 194-7
Sitting: 198-9
Rapid Prone: 199-1
Slow Prone: 196-10
Aggregate: 787-27

The no-sighters team match.

Offhand: 190-4
Sitting: 200-11
Rapid Prone: 199-3
Slow Prone: 195-5
Aggregate: 784-23

The weather forecast wasn't too promising this morning when I left the house. Since I was also running the match I had to be there regardless but I still wanted to remain dry. It turned out to be a decent day. There was some sunshine in the morning with heavy clouds coming in the afternoon.

Offhand: 194-8
Sitting: 200-12
Rapid Prone: 198-7
Slow Prone: 200-13
Aggregate: 792-40

It was alternating between a fine mist and drizzle as I arrived at the range for the team match.

Offhand: 196-5
Sitting: 199-9
Rapid Prone: 198-5
Slow Prone: 196-7
Aggregate: 789-26

October can be touch and go when it comes to weather sometimes. Today was a bit chilly in the morning but with clear skies and plenty of sunshine. The afternoon sky was just an endless expanse of blue.

Offhand: 195-6
Sitting: 200-5
Rapid Prone: 198-9
Slow Prone: 197-11
Aggregate: 790-31

End of season reflections



This year really lacked the consistancy of 2010. It seemed like I would shoot a match and then have a weekend or two with not shooting. Before I knew it, it was time to head for the Nationals. With gaps between match weekends it was difficult to gain the familiarity with my shooting that I used to have. Breaks are good but I have more confidence in my shooting when I get into a rhythm shooting matches.