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American Rifleman Magazine

Because I am a Life member of the National Rifle Association, each month I receive the American Rifleman magazine. Over time I have also acquired older issues of the magazine. The older issues offer great insight into competitive shooting, 2nd Amendment rights, and firearm technology over the years. It was certainly a different world for an NRA member in the 1930's.

Below is a list of the issues of American Rifleman that I own.

1959-2001 All except Nov. 1962, Dec. 1961
1958 All except March, April
1957 All except Nov, Dec
1956 All
1955 May, July, Aug, Sept
1954 all except August
1953 Sept
1952 Feb
1951 all except August and November
1950 all except January and February
1949 all except June and December
1948 All except July, Nov, Dec
1947 All
1946 All
1945 All
1944 All except July, August
1943 All
1942 All
1941 All
1940 All except Jan, Oct
1939 All except Jan
1938 None
1937 All except Jan, Feb, March
1936 None
1935 All except Oct
1934 All
1933 Jan, March, April, July, Nov, Dec
1932 All except June, Dec
1931 All except March
1930 All except April, May
1929 Jan
1928 All except Sept
1927 All
1926 All (24 issues)
1925 May 1